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Published: 13 years ago

Integral Life Practice – v.1.0

ilpI have been looking for some time, for a holistic practice to develop both body and mind simultaneously. I tried commiting myself to practicing Astanga yoga, and had a good experience doing that. My challenge in incorporating that into my scheme was, that the only real ortodox and best astanga studio in town, (beginners) classes starts aprox. one hour before I can leave work a the earliest – therefore it did not work out for me, even though I really liked all aspects of it.

For some time then I considered Bill Phillips ‘Body For Life‘, which undoubtedly – if followed correctly – produces amazing results in short time, at least on the physiological side, which I was extremely tempted to go for years back – but the diet would completely ruin my attempt to change my diet into purely vegan, and it didn’t have the mental perspective I’m really after.

What to do? Now, I think I have found what I have been looking for in the ‘Integral Life Practice – starter Kit‘ from Ken WilbersIntegral institute‘.

Here’s an outtake from the products description –

“Integral Life Practice is not just a combination of practices, it is an integration of practices, the ultimate in body-mind-spirit cross training. This radically unified approach multiplies the effect of any practice you choose to engage. Besides optimizing time and energy, ILP delivers deeper results because it is individually tailored. Integral practice broadens the “practice field” with as many options as there are disciplines. It helps you avoid the dead ends and burnout common to stand-alone exercises, and is exponentially more interesting, since so much more of yourself is awake and on-line in the process. You will see more clearly and feel more deeply into the texture of your own being. This in turn leads to actualizing greater capacities of your body, mind, heart, and soul, opening up entire new ways of living and being in the world.”

I honestly can’t wait to have this package showing up in my mail. I will let you know how I progress and what benefits I get from this program, when i have tried it on for some time – until then, Godspeed!

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