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Published: 14 years ago

Human Needs Psychology


The picture shows the ‘Six Human Needs’ in ‘Human Needs Psychology’.

It’s nearly impossible to even begin to describe in words, how much seeing the world through this model/map has added clarity in my life.

The model is, as far as I know, invented by Anthony Robbins and is probably in someway or another influenced by Abraham Maslows ‘Hierachy of Human Needs’ and extended from there through other sources and insights.

A couple of years back I started listening to Jim Rohn and was drawn to his charismatic and strongly influential personae and his way of looking at and manuevering in the world – at the time, I really needed to be inspired and mr. Rohn delivered much of what I was after. But as good as he was at that, he didn’t really answer all the ‘whys’ I had.

After listening to Rohn for a couple of weeks I stumbled upon a guy named Anthony Robbins, and at first I didn’t think much of him – his website seemed outdated at first (has been updated since) the colorpalette was way off and it was covered with quotes and endorsements from highly succesful people from all areas of life – little did I know at the time… Luckily what caught my eye was a quote from Quincy Jones, another guy I respect immensely for different reasons, and from there things grew on me, because “if Quincy sees something in this guy, there’s obviously something I ‘m not paying attention to”.

So as always I let my guards down and started to listen to the first audioprogram and I was blown away by the intensity, authenticity and congruency in his voice – somebody finally ‘spoke my own language’ and thought it was ok to do so – from that point I immersed myself in everything Anthony Robbins and after finishing the two first audioprograms ‘Get the Edge‘ and ‘Personal Power II – The Driving Force‘ I recognised how conditioned all of my behavior and responses in my life really were.

Especially my ‘needs’ structure and how I fulfilled them in my life, was totally unclear to me before – after listening to these two programs I had a crystal clear idea of what was going on in my life and why!

I once met Robbins face to face (or more like face to ear – him shouting ‘make your powermove’ into my ear) at one of the ‘Unleash the power Within’ seminars I have attended in London (he was guiding my line over the burning hot coals during the Firewalk experience…) but didn’t get the chance to thank him, because of the intensity of the situation. However if I ever meet him again (and I will), I will make sure to pay my gratitude for this model – it has singlehandedly changed the outlook and the outcome of my life!

Therefore – if you are going through personal problems or have some challenges who seem to control you instead of the other way around, I can’t stress enough how much clarity these programs – if taken seriously – can give you! After going through those two programs I bought everything else the guy had made, and dived into them as passionately I had ever done anything in my life – and to this day I still pick up on some of those on a weekly basis.

The real reason for this post though, is to direct some attention to the film he has recently made with psychotherapist Cloé Madanes.

In my opinion they contain the very best material he has ever made – The ‘Inner Strenght Series’ and the “Ultimate Relationship” – There are nine movies in total to this day. Hopefully we will see more in the near future, and I recommend every single one of them for your viewing pleasure.

All of them features an uncut intervention with Tony and one participant – or a couple – at one of his extended seminars. The results these people are getting and the realisations they are having are no less than amazing – and that is not only when you look at the timeframe for the intervention.

This is a master at work – you will see that this man is the real deal, in every facet and every aspect – Watch them and see for yourself – these films WILL change your destiny! (however corny that may sound to you…)

Trailers are available here!

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