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Published: 13 years ago

Genpo Roshi – Big Mind

roshiI have justed watched the first of the DVD’s in my newly bought ILP Starter Kit from Integral Institute. The DVD contains a ‘Big Mind’ session with Genpo Roshi and is nothing but astounding.

I remember I had my eyes on his website a month ago, and was wondering whether or not his teachings was of any value to me right now – and whether or not to buy one of his dvd’s to check him out.

As I was making a deadline at work at the time, I didn’t get back to it, as I decided to buy the ILP set instead.

I have gotten my ILP set now and by coincidence (?) there he was on the first disc… and what a disc… If you haven’t heard about him yet, he’s teachings is definately worth checking out!

Here’s a shortened desciption from his website –

“Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi is a revolutionary in the tradition of the old Zen Masters who so embodied Buddhist teaching that they were able to revitalize and transform it for their own day and age….

…The core of Genpo Roshis teaching is the unshakeable and contagious certainty that every one of us, regardless of our socio-economic, cultural or religious background, can instantly awaken to our true nature, like the great masters of old like the historical Buddha himself, whose essential teaching was nothing less than this. This experience helps us shed anxiety and fear and learn to live more purposeful, compassionate and joyful lives. Roshi combines Zen tradition with the insights of such visionary western figures as Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and Hal Stone, enabling virtually anyone to realize their true nature, a realization they can further deepen through meditation…

…Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi, one of the preeminent Zen Masters in the Western world, has developed a unique and revolutionary approach for transmitting the authentic teachings that emerged from Buddha’s enlightenment experience. With a mastery born of more than thirty years of teaching, Genpo Roshi has enabled thousands of participants in Big Mind workshops to gain profound insights and taste for themselves the illuminating experience from which Buddhism and all the world’s great religions originate…”

Check it out –

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