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Published: 13 years ago

richardbandlerAs a NLP Practitioner I am always interested in the works of one of the founding fathers of Neuro Linguistic Programming Richard Bandler and what he is up to. Having watched him on numerous DVD’s and listened to several audiobooks/tranceworks, I have really grown to appreciate his very special style.

I’m not sure what this new site is about, but if you look at ‘Terms and Conditions’ part of the site is says – ‘The Site is operated by TranceMissionsĀ® and is designed to promote the work and teachings of Richard Bandler.’

So that pretty much states it I guess – even though the trancework done here is brief Richard is good enough to really give you a well earned break in your day, no matter where you are – except if your driving a car or operating machinery or heavy equipment that is…. :)

Knock yourself out! (…or let Richard do it…)

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