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Published: 14 years ago

Roger Love – Vocal Power

I have recently begun the 8 disc Roger Love audioprogram “Vocal Power” and find it not only enlightening, but also really useful in my everyday life both private and profesional.

rogerloveIt directly answers some of the questions I have had about voice coaching, and also enforces my belief that a good communicator really can benefit from profesional voice training to get his points across. How many times haven’t you listened to some really good lecture or a real good tune on the radio, only again and again to find yourself feeling annoyed by the voice or the presenter or singer – litterary ruining what could possibly be a really good experience.

I find Roger Love congruent and highly compentent in carrying out the task of guiding my way through these 8 discs. And if you care to look through his CV you also find that he have worked with many celebrities from all kinds of business – most noteworthy for this page is Anthony Robbins who endorses Roger Love with the following –

“Over the years I have worked with more vocal coaches – and tried more vocal techniques – than I care to remember. It wasn’t until I met Roger Love that I gained 100 percent certainty that my voice would perform the way I expect and need it to. With Roger Love, you too have the opportunity to learn from a truly amazing vocal master.”

Well, at least it was enough to get my attention, and I am not dissapointed to say the least that I picked it up – there was a whole new level of communication being presented to me in a digestible fasion – big thanks to Roger love for this.

Go to Roger Loves own site to check other products or services out.

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