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Published: 13 years ago

Esalen Institute

esalenI have for some time felt an urge to go visit ‘Esalen Institute‘ in California –

If you don’t know about Esalen, I guess you probably haven’t been much into the whole human potential movement lately…. Since the cradle of this movement, Esalen has been a crucial force and on the cutting edge on the exploration of the limits (if any) to human potential, how to nurture and how to develop it.

That’s all good and well, I know I will visit them some day in the near future – But what I found even more interesting this week is that Esalen is now opening up a new website called “Essential TV“.

That website is extremely interesting as I may not need to spend severeal months of pay, to actually take the trip to have a glance at what they have been up to all these years. They have begun a process where, instead of keeping all their knowledge to themselves, they are now converting litterally thousand of hours of video into streaming content for the public to watch and enjoy – Which means – Now, I can sit comfortably in my own appartement and have direct access to the “source” at any given time I would like to, how about that!!? :)

If you’re thinking the same as me, you will of course have to pay a small amount to get a membership, but it’s peanuts compared to the quality content you get access to and how transformative that can be for your life.

Here’s an outtake from their website

“Combine timeless wisdom with cutting-edge technology and what do you get? Essential*TV – a new online destination for individuals seeking inspiration, information and a positive road map to help them navigate life’s transitions.

Essential*TV delivers insight from well-known teachers and experts direct to your desktop, providing a uniquely immersive and personal viewing experience. With nearly 400 full-screen programs centered on personal transformation, wellness and spirituality, Essential*TV unlocks a rich visual library for each viewer. Our broad selection of titles appeals to a general audience interested in healthy living and personal growth as well as to longtime practitioners.

And since Essential*TV is available on-demand, viewers can tune in as their needs and schedules require. They can also explore each program multiple times, ensuring they get the best from each of Essential*TV’s shows.”

I strongly encourage you to read and watch the rest for yourself.

If you by any chance, doesn’t know anything about Esalen at all, I have. also included a small outtake from the “about” section of their website – if that doesn’t sound interesting, I don’t know what does…

“Esalen is a non-profit organization that has been devoted to the exploration of human potential since the 1960’s. Historical luminaries like Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, Joan Baez, and countless others have gathered here to develop revolutionary ideas, transformative practices, and innovative art forms. Today Esalen is a retreat center where people live and work in a communal setting. Residents and guests participate in an incredible variety of alternative education and personal growth programs in subjects ranging from meditation to massage, yoga, psychology, ecology, spirituality, art, music, and much more.

Esalen Institute, renowned for its healing natural hot springs, has long been recognized as a world leader in alternative and experiential education. Dramatically situated on the Big Sur cliffs over the Pacific Ocean, the sacred beauty of the land—clear air, pulsing sea, garden path and waterfall, steaming mineral water bubbling up from deep within the earth—is itself transformative. Now in its fifth decade, Esalen offers more than 500 public workshops and seminars a year, accenting personal growth and social change, in areas traditionally neglected by mainstream institutions. A non-profit educational foundation, Esalen is also known for its research initiatives, invitational conferences, residential work-study programs, and long-term internships. Part pioneering lab and college for alternative practices, magical restorative retreat, and creative think-tank for the emerging world culture, Esalen is dedicated to exploring work in the humanities and sciences that furthers the full realization of the human potential.” -> read more here

Well that’s it for now – I have some stuff I need to check out in there my self right now!

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