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Published: 14 years ago – full feature film

robbinsAs I – in remembrance of 9/11 – watched the “Inner Strenght” film “Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis” again the other day, I wanted to share it with one of my colleagues the following day, who had asked me about the intervention taking place in this film.

Ten minutes after finishing the film, I went to my macbook to check my email and in pops a mail telling that this film is now free for the public to watch anytime they want at –

Without wanting to sound like TV-shop this film used to cost 99$ on dvd – so it really is a good offer and and amazing level of contribution Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes gives away to the world for free here – please go watch it. There is so much brilliantly stuff going on in this movie, who tells us a lot about what kind of shift in consciouness has to happen in the population in those areas, if things are ever going to turn in the middle east between Israel and Palestine.

Let me repeat myself – go watch it at

And read the letter both Robbins and Madanes have written when releasing this film to the public for free.

Anthony Robbins letter –

“Dear Friend,

Five years have now passed since our world was changed forever by the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11. While there is no loss as powerful and as poignant as that suffered by our neighbors who lost loved ones in this monumental tragedy, all of us, as compassionate human beings, have felt the impact of 9/11 on some level.

I write to you now not only in remembrance, prayer and gratitude for everyone who has been affected by this tragic world event, but also to honor you for your unity and resolve as we look to the future and collectively strive to make our world a better place.

While all of us experience times of pain, suffering and crisis in our lives, it is how we interpret these events that ultimately determines whether we will prolong our suffering or become stronger and more resolute. True leaders find an empowering meaning in even the most tragic and devastating circumstances. They find a compelling future in a dark past-good in the eye of evil. In the wake of 9/11, caring citizens around the world united as one collective spirit-not to lash out in rage and fury over injustice, but to rebuild and renew a nation with courage, faith, love, determination, compassion, and resolve. Over the past five years, a new crop of leaders has emerged, restoring communities once divided and redefining the very concept of leadership for generations ahead.

We all know the world continues to be a very volatile and uncertain place. In the Middle East and elsewhere, pain and suffering brought about by war and internal crisis has become the norm-an agonizing way of life for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. As the horrific acts of violence against humanity continue to occur daily, as well as the unpredictable natural disasters that can strike without notice, the world becomes less certain, and people become more fearful and anxious about the unexpected turns their lives may take.

While we cannot know what the future will bring, we can be passionate about what we will bring to it. In the face of each seemingly insurmountable challenge, the human race has emerged victorious, learning and growing together in ways we may have never imagined possible. The greatest honor we can bestow upon ourselves, future generations, and especially upon those who have tragically lost their lives, is to embrace life fully, and to serve at the highest level by bringing to each other our immense capacity to care. We must continue to build on the progress we have made by taking even bolder action.

I call on you again as your friend and neighbor to continue to share your strength, hope, love, and vision with those around the world who now need it most. And I invite you to begin your important mission by taking the time to watch “Negotiating Conflict: Leadership in Times of Crisis,” which features actual footage from a leadership event I was conducting at the time of the 9/11 attacks. The film shows the emotional transformation of two participants-a Jewish man from New York who worked in the World Trade Center and a Pakistani Muslim who viewed the attacks as retribution-as we worked to resolve conflict and create a message of peace that the two men continue to practice today.

As you watch the film, please follow along in your Action Book, completing the exercises and answering the questions as you go. By doing so, you’ll learn strategies for applying the tools used throughout the film to real challenges you face in your own life. I also encourage you to share this film with your friends and family so that they too can learn how to manage conflict, but more than that, so they can help chart your course for creating a more unified, more peaceful world.

Thank you for your determined spirit and your incredible desire to make a difference, and I wish you great peace and strength in the times ahead. God bless. And remember to keep living with passion!

With love and respect,

Tony Robbins”

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