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Published: 14 years ago

Byron Katie – “The Work”

ByronKatieJust remembered I watched a couple (or three to be exact) of Byron Katies dvd’s last year. They have left an impression on me – especially the question “who would you be without your story?” has puzzled in my mind for some time.

You can find her on her website –

I have tried to find a version of the videos without any luck, but if you have read her book and find it interesting, my suggestion would be to also invest in the dvd’s and see how she does her “work”.

My interpretation of what she does, is she is using advanced language patterns –¬† a form of NLP language¬† – to change her clients perception of their situation, circumstances, life and meaning.

Judge for yourself if you muster the necessary ressources to get a hold of the dvd’s.

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