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Published: 13 years ago

Caroline Myss – “Sacred Contracts”

carolinemyssTo be fair, this blog really should have started with a post about Caroline Myss, as she was the one who wrote, the first piece of spiritual literature I consciously read.The book was her “Sacred Contracts” and it struck a cord within me – even though I didn’t fully understand or believed (at the time) what she wrote.

The idea that we all have a ‘Sacred Contract’ that we have made ourselves before we came here and are here to fulfill just brings so much meaning into how I have always perceived my existence.

She was the first who introduced me to archetypes, chakras, rites , energy work, reincarnation, spiritworld and so on and so forth. After having read the book back in 2004 I wanted more and – to some extent – this book was one of the key reasons, I started listening to Jim Rohn and Anthony Robbins who later have become the major “door openers” for me.

I also bought a couple of dvd’s with Caroline and a thoroughly enjoyed her teachings about our Chakras and how they are connected to our perception of being in the world and how these energy centers affect our being.

I bought these two and highly recommend her teachings – she seems to me to be the most modern (and understandable) teacher in her field.

Caroline Myss – “The Energetics of Healing”

Caroline Myss – PH.D

You can check out some preview videos with Caroline here on her own website –

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