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Published: 12 years ago

Wayne Dyer – “Power of Intention”

dr-wayne-dyerI recently found the PBS show “Power of Intention” on Google Video and thought I’d share it.

Wayne Dyer have had a remarkabe influence on me through the years. I still remember listening to his “Improve Your Life Using Wisdom of the Ages” CD-set again and when I first encountered it.

Soon after that followed followed “You’ll see it when you’ll beleive it” disc and his audiobook “Power of Intention” which I listened to on my ipod while riding in the then newbuilt Copenhagen Metro back and forth from work.

Obviosuly my library now also include the classic “Pulling your Own Strings” as well as almost anything else he has written. In that context I must admit though, that I really like listening to the more grown up and spiritually aware Dyer nowadays. Undoubtedly his background as a psychologist has served him well, but there so much more insight, intuition, life fun, freedom and juice in his books, his speeches and his voice now!

Everytime I hear his voice now, I am overwhelmed with a sense of compassion and love for all life, that I rarely find anywhere while listening to anyone else.

His clear message and insight into the inner workings of the spirit of man has attracted not only me, but millions of readers and sold out seminars all over the world.

No matter if you’ve been a fan of his works for the last twenty years or this is the first time you’ve read about him, you owe it to yourself to watch this show now. It’s Dyer at his finest and will at worst uplift, inspire and enlighten you and at best transform the way you perceive life!

Find your favourite snack and beverage and prepare to enjoy the next two and a half hours nonstop (…unless you need to go to the bathroom!) :)

“Power of Intention” with Dr. Wayne Dyer – part 1

“Power of Intention” with Dr. Wayne Dyer – part 2

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