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Published: 13 years ago

Stuart Wilde – “Mastery of Money”

money“Internationally recognized author, speaker / lecturer and metaphysics expert Stuart Wilde is one of the most memorable characters of the human consciousness movement. His style runs from funny to poignant to controversial. Included in Stuart’s acknowledgement journal would be over 14 published books translated into 12 languages and a plethora of audio & video sets covering everything from weight loss to wealth.”

Saw this a couple of years back and have listened to a lot of Stuarts spiritual concepts since. I encountered him a few years back through Wayne Dyer and I immediately resonated with his philosophy. I’m not sure about some of his newer stuff, as it seems – judging from his website – that he have retired a bit from the publicity and seminarstyle he enjoys in this video.

Anyways if you’re interested in the esoteric meaning of money Stuart is better than most I have heard to describe it – enjoy the seminar here!

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