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Published: 13 years ago

David Wolfe – “Superfoods”

David_wolfe“People don’t do well, because they don’t feel well – and how you feel is largely based on what you consume on a daily basis.” That thought alone took me on a journey that has lasted several years now – and after years of studying I actually think for many of us, it is that simple – change your diet, change your life!

I got that, in one way or another from David Wolfe – – I consider David Wolfe one of the foremost authorities on chocolate, raw food nutrition, ‘Super Foods’, Herbal healing alive on the planet today.

I stumbled upon David a few years back through the Tony Robbins Ten Day Challenge Cleanse which I of course went through after my first UPW – I wanted to know as much as I could find, before I ventured into foreign ‘foodland’ and changed my diet to a vegetarian one.

I was amazed of the things I heard and read at the time and I was struck many times by the wisdom in David Wolfes books ‘Sunfood Diet Succes System,’ ‘Eating for Beauty’ and ‘Naked Chocolate’.

So much so I became a subscriber for more than a year at his website ‘The Best day Ever” – – which contains A LOT of information regarding health and a better quality of life.

I learned so much in that year from the material on that website, and I have many times afterwards thought that probably would have taken me years and years to gather the same information by myself.

I highly recommend anyone to take a look a what David is teaching and judge for yourself. I found an interview done last year, that gives a good introduction to the man  – enjoy it and then change your diet! :)

Check David Wolfe ‘Health Ranger’ interview here!

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