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Published: 12 years ago

Marcus Buckingham – “Trombone Player Wanted”

marcusbuckinghamMarcus Buckingham is singled-handily – well accompanied by the short film “Trombone Player Wanted” – what has inspired me the most in 2008 thus far.

Marcus is talking so vividly about using your strengths primarily at work, I nearly fell of my chair the first time I watched the DVD set. Apparently according to Gallup only 2 out of 10 (17%) is using their strengths at work, which is sad to say the least. As far as i remember when reading Steven Coveys “The 8th habit” he said something similarly – that most workplaces where filled up with 80% of the people who felt that their capacity was used 50% or less… If you’re an owner or a leader of a company and that doesn’t make you stop and think, I don’t know what will… Either way – I challenge you to have a look at Marcus Buckingham and the “Strenght Movement”.

A good place to start is by watching “Trombone Player Wanted” – the shortfilm puts the message out there so loudly that it can’t be overheard. The film is a very well balanced mix between a well crafted short story, that¬† supports Marcus Buckinghams message as he is speaking to the camera. It is so well made, that it not only informs you but actually touches you beyond the usual way seminars or lectures do.

It blew me away!

You can watch the trailer here in fullscreen

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