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Published: 11 years ago

Robert Bly – “A Gathering of Men”

robertblyThe mens movement is getting more important to me everyday – looking for litterature on to read as inspiration for my forthcoming book, I stumbled upon a link to this video of Robert Bly I hadn’t heard of before.

If you are a man and are even the slightest interested in male developmental transistions, and why so many men these days are struggling to find their true identy then this is for you! Eventhough the interview is almost twenty years old it does not make any difference – to me at least. The challenges are timeless and so are the means to break through and heal them!

Promise me not to be scared of the first few minutes, however you may react – just watch past until the interview begins!

Description from google –
“Excellent video of poet Robert Bly being interviewed by Bill Moyers in 1990. They discuss what it means to be a man in today’s society – the pains of being a man and the things that can be done to heal them.”

Watch the video by clicking here!

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