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Published: 11 years ago

Tom Callos – “Ultimate Black Belt Test”

tomcallosMartial Arts teacher and writer Tom Callos reminds us of the lessons we also needs to embody, to be considered a ‘Black Belt’. His message reminds me of the combined insight from every workshop, seminar, audiobook and video I have seen the last 7 years…


Tom is the founder of “The Ultimate Black Belt Test

“The most innovative and revolutionary black belt test / teacher training / curriculum development program in the martial arts world. The program is for serious practitioners and career martial artists who are willing to take their martial arts “out of the dojo – and into the world.”


“A sense of mission, beyond profit, beyond image, beyond “agenda,” and beyond anything but a call to duty is, I believe, THE factor to search for if you want to work (in a martial arts school, red.) and feel like you’re doing something important – and for the world.“

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