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Published: 11 years ago

Nick Vujicic – Inspiration

nick_vujicicHere’s a little inspiration if you think you’ve got it bad… Nick Vujicic was born almost without any limbs – still he is happy. He teaches us very powerfully the life long lesson, that “we fall to learn how to get back up” in manner I have never seen before… Inspiring

Sometimes, some of us fall into the trap to think “life should have no problems”… Yet most of us only musters the necessary force to break free once we get good enough problems to stimulate us to use our full resources and tap into our real potential – then we learn how to deal effectively with what we thought were our problems… only to find there are more problems behind that… :)

It is one of my core beliefs, that not only are problems good for you – but you need them!

You need them to continually develop and expand yourself into becoming even more than you were before.

Take a look at Nick teaching this lesson in his own unique way.

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