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Published: 10 years ago

Don’t Be Sensible. Ever.

explosive“In my 10-plus years as a fitness and bodybuilding journalist, I’ve never seen a single person make a dramatic visual change in his or her body using the slow, steady, and “sensible” approach. Those sensible people are the ones you see in the gym every day who looked the same last year… and the year before that.

Make no mistake, the human animal is a predator. He does not reach his goal (his “prey”) with half-ass efforts and “kinda sorta” wanting it. No, the achievement of a goal is not a marathon, but an aggressive sprint — short, but powerfully intense.

Bad habits must be broken. Sticking points in muscle and strength gains must be smashed. Plateaus in fat loss must be hammered to pieces.

There’s no question about it: Rapidly losing body fat, building muscle, and breaking negative behavioral habits are acts of violence.”

— Chris Shugart

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