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Published: 11 years ago

fighterdietI’m always interested in ordinary people, who have been able to turn things around in their life. It seems like Pauline Nordin is one of those rare specimens who found a way to do just that. I stumpled upon her blog by accident – check it out – especially if you’re a girl and wants to transform your body. Very inspirational –

Apparently she was one of the coaches in the Swedish version of the “The Biggest Looser” – I think her own results speaks more clearly than any words will ever do.

Here’s a small outtake from one of her blogpost I really liked.

“My body is not a metabolic prodigy. I was not athletic as a kid. I was brought up in a household where delicious food was  served daily. I always had a big appetite. My family were not into sports.  I always gained weight easily. And I always refused to take short cuts. Still, my desire was to be lean and muscular not only for a show or two but for all days of the year, year after year. So I started to condition my metabolism by never giving my body a chance to get fat. I forced myself from detesting exercise to learn to love it. I stopped eating foods that apparently made me stay somewhat lean but not cut. I took all these measurements to reach my goals, to go against genetics and upbringing.”

It’s never the circumstances….

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