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Published: 11 years ago

“I want to look like that guy”

iwanttolooklikethatguyTrailer to the “I want to look like that Guy” DVD. Very inspirational – his idea comes very close to my own project. Defy the odds, defy the circumstances, defy the genetics, defy the perception, defy whatever is standing between me and achieving the body I was born to live in.

Check the video and buy it here if you here if you want more.

Product description –

“The multibillion dollar supplement, diet and fitness equipment industry is driven by the promise of looking like the model in the ad if you buy their product. If it was so easy to look thin then why don’t we look like fitness models? Film maker Stuart MacDonald asked this question to IFBB PRO Jeff Willet, the guy in the ad on the left. He said “It’s all a lie. They are selling an illusion.”

To prove it, Stuart filmed the extreme lifestyle of a body builder / fitness model by becoming one himself. He even entered a bodybuilding contest to see if he could measure up! As the contest closes in, Stu’s fat levels hover near 4-6% and he’s still overweight. The pressure causes him to break down mentally, emotionally but somehow he presses on to win 2nd place in the Michigan State Bodybuilding Championships!

Living normally with single digit bodyfat levels is the illusion that makes the fitness industry rich while we continually buy useless products hoping the next thing we purchase will make us lose fat faster, appear sexier and look like the guy in the ad.

I Want To Look Like That Guy will inspire you to reach higher than you thought you ever could. It also gives us permission to forget about the illusion of the lean body type. It’s an inspiration to anyone interested in the bodybuilding sport, weight training, fat loss and diet…”

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