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Published: 11 years ago

“If you want to write”

ifyouwanttowriteShortly I will make a page with a list of essential litterature to read. In the meantime this book “If you want to write” has really captured me. After spending seven years trying to understand human nature, personality, spirituality, patterns, habits, nature, divinity, holism, integral, NLP, The Enneagram, MBTI, DiSC, masculine and feminine essence, nutrition, digestion… yes even colon cleanses – you name it and I have probably taken more than a look at it – I have found it very relieving to spend some time with a book with this message – and making it alright – that you should express what you have to share inside.

Free of fear, free of judgement, free of everything except what wants to express.

I didn’t know the writer beforeband but Ueland argues that anyone can write well once the imagination is freed from self-consciousness, anxiety and fear of failure.

It rings so true to me, and as she postulates in the book, I think you can translate the “writing” into any creative endeavor you might have . even as a metaphor for your entire life.

Buy it here from Amazon

I think it’s the bargain of the year, compared to what you can gain from it – especially if you have already found you’re a creative spirit longing to express but maybe have a hard time embracing or understanding your gift.

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