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Published: 11 years ago

Y e s y o u c a n ! ! !

Slightly edited post from a thread I wrote on facebook – it may be totally out of context, and maybe I’m the only one gaining from this, but it is here nevertheless, so take from it what you can! It’s about the need or want of transcending fear which may be holding you back.

 For me – I know we are all born equally creative beings and are meant to expand and stretch ourselves to our fullest – there is just no question about it in my mind. I look at plants, trees and animals as expressions of that same creative force as we humans are made up off – and no tree settles, it grows as high and wide as it can bearing as much fruit as it can, growing strong for the winters, blossoms fully in the summer – same with animals, they run as fast as they can, grow as strong as they can, sharpening their senses, develop every fiber in their bodies on the sole purpose they are here for – they don’t have the ‘settle’ mechanism installed in them like we have developed. Either they grow or they die – there is no status quo. And they actually will die once they can’t grow anymore – mother nature consumes them soon after.

In our day and age we have developed a system, where we (humans) can survive (but not thrive) even though we stop growing our bodies, minds and spirits… and in the last decades even found a way to sedate ourselves with drugs, alcohol, tobacco and all kinds of junk until the point where we’re sleepwalking around like the living dead, in jobs we only do because of the pay – hoping it will bring a (false) sense of security…. while what it mostly does, is keep us locked down into a negative spiral. Deluding ourselves into believing, we can buy our way out with the money we earn… Until one day we either get fed up wit having the fear holding us back and break free – or get really sick, because we accept living with the limitation the fear puts upon our ability to express, what something inside feels we are really here for….After that we slowly wither away, as the spirit can not use us for it’s greater purpose anymore… Yes, I do believe there is a purpose bigger than what we as individuals form for ourselves, but that is another thread…

There is no question either for me, that what what said earlier is true – 90% or probably more are just pure ego based nonsense dressed as fear holding us back from claiming what is rightfully ours to take! And I know from first hand experience that we can move through it, and use it to our advantage as someone posted earlier – it can be learned and mastered like anything else. You just got to do more work on yourself, than you do on your job!

As for the metaphor with inhaling in water – I don’t think you can say fear is like water. You will die from inhaling water – you can never die from moving through your mental fear – there are two things that can happen if you do – either the fear is still there and then you probably haven’t REALLY confronted it. But if you choose to do so, the fear will most likely dissolve itself! Still uncertain? Ask any martial art expert engaging in full contact. At sometime or another, he was probably too afraid of getting hit by his opponent to engage in it – but he probably isn’t fearful in the same way today. If he was, my guess would be you couldn’t do the full contact things, he would have to to earn his rank… He may still have a tinging feeling in his body, but it is not fear – probably more like excitement – have you noticed by the way how close those two sensations are? Sometimes we too early mistake one for another… But my guess would be, that he has moved beyond his initial fear, and learned to control it in that given situation. Now there may be other situations in life where fear shows up at your doorstep, but they can be mastered just like that one… Just need to train yourself! And if you see clearly, you know you can dissolve it when you have done it once – or maybe twice for the slow learners… :)

So every time it shows up you know it’s just means “time to work” and dance with it, instead of giving in to it!

Don’t settle!
Don’t tiptoe in security till you die!
Live full out,
Express your true gift and
Give everything you’ve got on the things you dedicate yourself to!
Learn to see yourself clearly,
Get proper advice from somebody who can “see you”,
Find somebody who masters what you want to do already,
Take trainings,
Find a peergroup you can join with likeminded people
Choose wisely

– but all the while –

Shine with Everything You’ve Got –

Make the World come Alive by Being the True You!

Now does this text say something about me and my personality type – you bet it does! And you are more than welcome to read between the lines and tell me what you see, as I have no fear in that regard… maybe you see something I don’t, and we would all benefit from that! Not claiming to be anything or anyone – just telling you how the world is to me! Sleep tight and remember – there as here is just a dream – so why make it a nightmare, if you really can choose yourself….??? :)

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