the journey

Published: 10 years ago

Bruce Lee quote

“I hope to free my comrades from bondage to styles, patterns, and doctrines” – Bruce Lee Remember this old interview? Part 1 Part 2

Published: 10 years ago

Don’t Be Sensible. Ever.

“In my 10-plus years as a fitness and bodybuilding journalist, I’ve never seen a single person make a dramatic visual change in his or her body using the slow, steady, and “sensible” approach. Those sensible people are the ones you see in the gym every day who looked the same last year… and the year before that.

Published: 11 years ago

Morten Lund – “Keep On”

Can’t say I know Morten, but there something about the statements he puts on top of this video, that strikes a chord and resonates deep within everything I feel, about the so-called ‘recession’ these days! Thank you Morten for sharing this – if you …

Published: 12 years ago

The Power of Attitude

Found this little gem of a flashmovie  – take a look you might be inspired!