the journey

Published: 12 years ago

Robert Bly – “A Gathering of Men”

The mens movement is getting more important to me everyday – looking for litterature on to read as inspiration for my forthcoming book, I stumbled upon a link to this video of Robert Bly I hadn’t heard of before. If you are a …

Published: 13 years ago

David Deida – “Superior Man”

See this post should have been here many years ago when I read it the first time – but it is only recently that Davids message finally dawned on me… I finally got it, I finally got the message in his book “The Way …

Published: 13 years ago

Anthony Robbins – “Lovers for Life”

Just saw this website announced in Robbins latest newsletter “The Next Level” I don’t have much to say about it just yet, as it hasn’t really started – but in my humble opinion I think that “The Ultimate Relationsship” package is some of …