the journey

Published: 7 years ago

What If Money Was No Object?

Dette synes som den sværeste beslutning for de fleste af os – mærkeligt nok?

Published: 12 years ago

Anthony Robbins Interviews John Reese

Interesting video interview by Anthony Robbins of John Reese about how he made one million dollars in one day on the internet – from his parents bedroom…. Outtake from Mr. Robbins blog “Many people feel like they’re “on the run” from financial problems, …

Published: 12 years ago

Anthony Robbins Interviews Frank Kern and John Reese

Anthony Robbins interviews Frank Kern and John Reese. – “Both of them are self-made multi millionaires who made their fortunes by selling products on the Internet. What’s particularly interesting about both of them is that neither had any “real” education. Neither one finished college and …

Published: 12 years ago – new blog

Just a quick shout out – seems like Anthony Robbins has decided to blog – and to videoblog. That was a long time coming… Let’s hope he shares some video from his seminars. That is where he does what he does best in my …

Published: 13 years ago

Anthony Robbins on NBC

Eventhough I have a disliking for these five minute features, Tony speaks so fast that he gets enough crammed in to make it interesting. And from my perspective he is right on the money – everything from the marketplace to your personal life is …

Published: 14 years ago

Stuart Wilde – “Mastery of Money”

“Internationally recognized author, speaker / lecturer and metaphysics expert Stuart Wilde is one of the most memorable characters of the human consciousness movement. His style runs from funny to poignant to controversial. Included in Stuart’s acknowledgement journal would be over 14 published books translated …