the journey

Published: 7 years ago

What If Money Was No Object?

Dette synes som den sværeste beslutning for de fleste af os – mærkeligt nok?

Published: 7 years ago

Brendon Burchard – How to Overcome Fear

Samme sang jeg har hørt på de sidste 11 år – poster den, da du måske har du ikke hørt den endnu. Brendon ligger argumenterne ned – i en direkte form der er lettere at tilgå og forstå end de fleste på planeten. Stødte …

Published: 11 years ago

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Here’s an outtake excerpted from a Jim Rohn Seminar. I think I must have heard this probably fifty times from the cd, to try and capture it myself. Jim is probably the most gifted public speaker I have ever heard – he is dearly …

Published: 11 years ago

“If you want to write”

Shortly I will make a page with a list of essential litterature to read. In the meantime this book “If you want to write” has really captured me. After spending seven years trying to understand human nature, personality, spirituality, patterns, habits, nature, divinity, holism, …

Published: 11 years ago

Anthony Robbins Interviews John Reese

Interesting video interview by Anthony Robbins of John Reese about how he made one million dollars in one day on the internet – from his parents bedroom…. Outtake from Mr. Robbins blog “Many people feel like they’re “on the run” from financial problems, …

Published: 11 years ago

Anthony Robbins Interviews Frank Kern and John Reese

Anthony Robbins interviews Frank Kern and John Reese. – “Both of them are self-made multi millionaires who made their fortunes by selling products on the Internet. What’s particularly interesting about both of them is that neither had any “real” education. Neither one finished college and …

Published: 11 years ago

“The Shadow Effect” Trailer

Trailer to Debbie Fords new movie “The Shadow Effect” where she is accompanied by Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Simon amongst others. Haven’t seen it yet, but it could potentially be an important movie to many.

Published: 12 years ago

Joseph Campbell – “The Hero’s Journey”

Joseph Campbells work pretty much sums everything I try to live by. The man and his work has been an enormous inspiration through the  years, in trying to understand myth and other cultures. I urge you to have a look at the videos that …