the journey

Published: 11 years ago

Joseph Campbell – “The Hero’s Journey”

Joseph Campbells work pretty much sums everything I try to live by. The man and his work has been an enormous inspiration through the  years, in trying to understand myth and other cultures. I urge you to have a look at the videos that …

Published: 12 years ago

“The New Man” podcast

Listened to these guys podcast late last night . Their message is heavily influenced by the work of David Deida – I guess that is also why I liked it so damn much. Take a listen you won’t regret it if you’re a man! …

Published: 13 years ago

Bruce Lipton – “Biology of Belief”

After spending some time studying ‘relationsship dynamics’ and the Enneagram, I’m back – once again with a mind expanding video floating around on the internet. This one is especially dear to me – I watched it for the first time 1 1/2 year back …

Published: 13 years ago

Wayne Dyer – “Power of Intention”

I recently found the PBS show “Power of Intention” on Google Video and thought I’d share it. Wayne Dyer have had a remarkabe influence on me through the years. I still remember listening to his “Improve Your Life Using Wisdom of the Ages” CD-set …

Published: 14 years ago

Esalen Institute

I have for some time felt an urge to go visit ‘Esalen Institute‘ in California – If you don’t know about Esalen, I guess you probably haven’t been much into the whole human potential movement lately…. Since the cradle of this movement, Esalen has …

Published: 14 years ago

Human Needs Psychology

The picture shows the ‘Six Human Needs’ in ‘Human Needs Psychology’. It’s nearly impossible to even begin to describe in words, how much seeing the world through this model/map has added clarity in my life. The model is, as far as I know, invented …