the journey

Published: 11 years ago

Y e s y o u c a n ! ! !

Slightly edited post from a thread I wrote on facebook – it may be totally out of context, and maybe I’m the only one gaining from this, but it is here nevertheless, so take from it what you can! It’s about the need or …

Published: 11 years ago

Taking the first step

I have had the same discussion many times over the years, about taking the first step into something new. I always hear the same argument “you don’t know enough to do that!!??” or “that will never be a success because…” or “you should wait …

Published: 11 years ago

“If you want to write”

Shortly I will make a page with a list of essential litterature to read. In the meantime this book “If you want to write” has really captured me. After spending seven years trying to understand human nature, personality, spirituality, patterns, habits, nature, divinity, holism, …

Published: 11 years ago


The metaphors in the video says it all – beautifully shot, moving audio and a true message! How can you go wrong… I honestly think words doesn’t say half of what art is able to communicate to us, so I’ll shut up now and …

Published: 12 years ago

Bruce Lee quote

“I hope to free my comrades from bondage to styles, patterns, and doctrines” – Bruce Lee Remember this old interview? Part 1 Part 2

Published: 12 years ago

“The Shadow Effect” Trailer

Trailer to Debbie Fords new movie “The Shadow Effect” where she is accompanied by Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Dr. David Simon amongst others. Haven’t seen it yet, but it could potentially be an important movie to many.

Published: 13 years ago

Anthony Robbins – Back on NBC

Once again Anthony Robbins is back on MSNBC talking about how to cope or even prosper in a time of  financial crisis. How to deal with your fear and feelings of depression – and what to pass on to your kids… Watch it and …

Published: 15 years ago

Byron Katie – “The Work”

Just remembered I watched a couple (or three to be exact) of Byron Katies dvd’s last year. They have left an impression on me – especially the question “who would you be without your story?” has puzzled in my mind for some time. You …