the journey

Published: 11 years ago

Y e s y o u c a n ! ! !

Slightly edited post from a thread I wrote on facebook – it may be totally out of context, and maybe I’m the only one gaining from this, but it is here nevertheless, so take from it what you can! It’s about the need or …

Published: 11 years ago


The metaphors in the video says it all – beautifully shot, moving audio and a true message! How can you go wrong… I honestly think words doesn’t say half of what art is able to communicate to us, so I’ll shut up now and …

Published: 12 years ago

Freediving World Record – 88m without fins

William Trubridge breaks the freediving world record without fins with a dive to 88m (288 feet) in 3:30 in Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas. Remember to turn on “HD” or alternatively press the vimeo logo to see it there!

Published: 12 years ago

“HOME” – Movie

I know it has been some months since this film was  published – I do not think however, that its message is less relevant… I was reminded of it because a good friends son, was having a workweek in school about the climate and …

Published: 12 years ago

“I want to look like that guy”

Trailer to the “I want to look like that Guy” DVD. Very inspirational – his idea comes very close to my own project. Defy the odds, defy the circumstances, defy the genetics, defy the perception, defy whatever is standing between me and achieving the …

Published: 12 years ago

Nick Vujicic – Inspiration

Here’s a little inspiration if you think you’ve got it bad… Nick Vujicic was born almost without any limbs – still he is happy. He teaches us very powerfully the life long lesson, that “we fall to learn how to get back up” in …

Published: 12 years ago

Morten Lund – “Keep On”

Can’t say I know Morten, but there something about the statements he puts on top of this video, that strikes a chord and resonates deep within everything I feel, about the so-called ‘recession’ these days! Thank you Morten for sharing this – if you …

Published: 13 years ago

Tom Callos – “Ultimate Black Belt Test”

Martial Arts teacher and writer Tom Callos reminds us of the lessons we also needs to embody, to be considered a ‘Black Belt’. His message reminds me of the combined insight from every workshop, seminar, audiobook and video I have seen the last 7 …