the journey

Published: 14 years ago

Shawn Phillips – F.I.T.

Last May I was introduced to Andrew Cohens magazine “What is enlightenment“. In that issue they had a piece about Shawn Phillips and spiritual bodybuilding – ‘Igniting the flame of intensity‘ – and after gazing in amazement over the pictures of Shawn Phillips I …

Published: 14 years ago

Genpo Roshi – Big Mind

I have justed watched the first of the DVD’s in my newly bought ILP Starter Kit from Integral Institute. The DVD contains a ‘Big Mind’ session with Genpo Roshi and is nothing but astounding. I remember I had my eyes on his website a …

Published: 14 years ago

Integral Life Practice – v.1.0

I have been looking for some time, for a holistic practice to develop both body and mind simultaneously. I tried commiting myself to practicing Astanga yoga, and had a good experience doing that. My challenge in incorporating that into my scheme was, that the …