the journey

Published: 11 years ago

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Here’s an outtake excerpted from a Jim Rohn Seminar. I think I must have heard this probably fifty times from the cd, to try and capture it myself. Jim is probably the most gifted public speaker I have ever heard – he is dearly …

Published: 11 years ago

Taking the first step

I have had the same discussion many times over the years, about taking the first step into something new. I always hear the same argument “you don’t know enough to do that!!??” or “that will never be a success because…” or “you should wait …

Published: 11 years ago

Two Frogs

Stumpled upon this story – it resonates so deeply with me. Maybe because I have been trained extensively in language patterns through all of my NLP teachings, but I think moreso because there’s a big part of me who never have paid any attention …

Published: 12 years ago

Peak Performance – “Heli”

New Peak Performance line “Heli” is finally in stores . I have seen the products myself I can assure that for once there is reason between the usual marketing crap talk and the garments themselves. Here’s what they are saying about it themselves – …

Published: 12 years ago

Tsutomu Tosuka – 74 year old bodybuilder

The body of Tsutomu Tosuka  should once and for all put a sock in anyones mouth, who claims that with age we naturally decay and crumble. He proves what we all knew from the beginning – we don’t crumble because we get old, we …

Published: 12 years ago

Anthony Robbins Interviews John Reese

Interesting video interview by Anthony Robbins of John Reese about how he made one million dollars in one day on the internet – from his parents bedroom…. Outtake from Mr. Robbins blog “Many people feel like they’re “on the run” from financial problems, …

Published: 12 years ago

Don’t Be Sensible. Ever.

“In my 10-plus years as a fitness and bodybuilding journalist, I’ve never seen a single person make a dramatic visual change in his or her body using the slow, steady, and “sensible” approach. Those sensible people are the ones you see in the gym every day who looked the same last year… and the year before that.

Published: 13 years ago

The Power of Attitude

Found this little gem of a flashmovie  – take a look you might be inspired!